Cigarette and Tabacco Alternative

Cigarette smoking can be one of the hardest things to quit. And there is much debate today on where "designated" smoking areas can be set up. This is because of that nasty second hand smoke, and idle smoke from a burning cigarette. While some would love to quit all the way, others who just can't drop it, can also enjoy this new Electronic Cigarette product.

  • No tar, no tabacco
  • No ash, no smell
  • Looks and tastes just like the real thing
  • Cheaper than buying cigarettes
  • Can be smoked anywhere
These electronic cigarettes come in light nicotine, heavy, or none, flavoured, and non flavoured.

They emit a water vapor, instead of that heavy smokey residue, making it safe to smoke on airplanes, indoors, around children, non smokers, and public areas.

Being able to choose your nicotine level, will help some smokers cut back, some smokers quit, and non smokers enjoy a non nicotine flavoured cigarette.

Smokers will be able to enjoy an electronic cigarette without inhaling all those other harmful ingredients like tar that come standard in regular cigarettes.

For more information, visit the "vapor is the new smoke" link on the main page of this blog.